15. Discharge

When to Discharge

Except in the case of a medical emergency in which the client is admitted to a hospital, a client should never be discharged until at least 72 hours after administration, and until any serious risks to health have subsided.

The client has the right to leave the premises when in right mind. By being offered a discharge waiver that acknowledges the client understands the risks associated with leaving the premises prior to the conclusion of the window of administration, and by being presented with any available options, the client may be permitted to leave. Patient may not be physically detained unless they are a physical threat to themselves or others.


A member of the staff who was reasonably well connected to the patient’s detoxification process will be available for follow-up phone calls and other support for at least 6 weeks after discharge. The time spent in follow-up is not required to exceed more than 3 hours per week except in extenuating circumstances that arise directly from the treatment (for example: lasting medical conditions or psychological states).

Clients will be encouraged to seek out additional therapy, peer support programs, residential services, or any other services that may assist in their recovery. It will be impressed that accessing these services has a significant correlation with increased long-term success.

Generally healthy life-style choices are easier to ingrain after an ibogaine experience, and counseling and support around simple choices such as diet, meditation and exercise is crucial.

Availability of Records

All records and treatment notes should be kept in a confidential and secure location. The general requirements in the United States for this kind of document storage is 5 to 7 years, however, well kept data may be useful for future retrospective analysis. As stated in the Ibogaine Patient’s Bill of Rights, patients have the right to review these records at any time, or to receive a copy upon request (Appendix A).

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