We would like to acknowledge those who made significant contributions to the content or structure of the document during our consultation phase. Particularly, Uwe Mass, M.D., Cornelius Van Dorp, M.D., Andrew Dekkinga, R.N., Jasen Chamoun, Suster Strubelt, Anah Van Dorp, Rocky Caravelli, Asha Caravelli, and Damian Thomas. And to all of others who have provided guidance and input throughout the development of these guidelines.

This would not be possible without the pioneering work that was begun by Howard and Norma Lotsof, as well as the dozens of others who made significant contributions to the earliest stages of ibogaine research.

Particularly, we are indebted to the dozens of therapy providers who have uncovered the knowledge that is found within these pages, and to those brave souls who have undergone life-changing experiences with ibogaine, who continue to inspire this project. There are too many to name.

It goes without saying that this therapeutic community is indebted, perhaps more than it can ever know, to the millennia-old use of iboga in traditional cultures, and to those who continue those vibrant traditions today.

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